Sunday Dec 20th

9.00am -11.00am

Prepare for a peaceful Christmas 

Sometimes things can get crazy busy around Christmas time, even if you're not big into Christmas itself. Town gets busy, parking is hell, there's all the end of year functions, holiday plans, family stuff.......

Some of it's fun and some of it just isn't. None of it's fun if you are stressed.

Make sure you have taken care of yourself. Put yourself on your "to do " list.


Most of us don't need or want more stuff.

If you want peace, if you want quiet, if you want space. Here's an easy way to get some.

Step into the peaceful oasis of the Studio


Be guided on a 2-hour journey of

  • Gentle Asana

  • Nourishing breathwork

  • Guided meditation

  • Healing chants

  • Extended Yoga Nidra