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Children's Yoga

What are the benefits of Traditional Yoga for children ?

   Here's the tonic for overstimulation, screen time, and stress.

Improved self regulation.
Learn impulse control and how to remain centered.
Build musculoskeletal strength
Young bodies are in a prime state to do complex asana.
Reduce anxiety
By learning how to monitor and control their own breath.
Foster reverence
By learning to respect the teacher and the teachings.
Good sleep
Yoga helps to settle both the body and the mind.
Develops strong breathing.
The postures initiate healthy breathing patterns
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The last 21 years of my life have basically revolved around parenting my own three children, teaching at the Steiner Kindergarten, and practicing and teaching Yoga, to adults.

Now it's time to put my Yoga teacher hat on for the children. I am super excited about this.

Classes will be traditional Yoga. Fairly formal, fairly strenuous, and fairly short so the children can maintain focus and not become overtired after school.

Children Meditating

Classes for 5 -12 yrs

Ravensbourne Hall, Wanaka St ( 2 mins past the Stadium)

3.30-4 pm Thursdays

Starting Feb 18th

$80 for an 8-week term

( half price for same family siblings.)

Plenty of free off-street parking. Two minutes past the stadium. There is a playground handy and a large room for parents and siblings to be in while class is on.

The class will be done traditionally: no mats; keeping in rhythm with clapping; a very short time in stillness at the end.

* Your child will need to be able to follow movements by imitation. If they have difficulties at school please check with me to see if the class is suitable. Check with me first if you are in doubt.

There is a scholarship place available, please contact me about this.🙏

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Frequently asked Questions

My child has never done Yoga before, is this class suitable?

Yes, the class is planned so that all levels and abilities can participate. Children have a natural ability to learn through imitation and an innate intelligence about their own limitations. The class is done by demonstration and clapping for time keeping.

Can we stay and watch the class? 

Ideally, the only ones in the room are the children in the class, myself, and the support teacher. If your child needs you to stay initially for them to settle in that's ok. 

My child has trouble concentrating at school, will this class be good for them?

Most likely. Often children who struggle to focus in class do very well in a Yoga class as it is physically based and the clapping helps them stay focused. However, if your child doesn't respond as you hoped or is unable to manage we can look at ways of supporting them.

Is this the same as Mindfulness?

No. This is Yoga, which for this age group is very much movement-based. The inner practices of meditation come at a later stage.