Welcome to Your 5 Day Pranayama Challenge

What you can expect from this challenge.

  • Guidance and advice as you learn preliminary techniques.

  • Support and encouragement in a private FB group.

  • Step by step instructions.

  • Precautions and safety measures.

  • Personal adaptations to make sure it works for you.

  • Daily live sessions to receive the lessons.

  • By the end a pranayama practice to carry on with.

  • Knowledge of where to put pranayama in a yoga session.

  • A free video at the end with "where to next" so the challenge has not been a dead-end.

Pranayama is steeped in mystique, it is referred to as the pinnacle of yoga yet it can be quite hard to access teachings on it.

Is it too dangerous to even attempt?

No it's not, particularly if you get the right guidance.

Pranayama IS a powerful technique, it works on the subtle levels, which means a certain level of readiness is required.

Pranayama can be the gateway into the deeper aspects of self-transformation and spiritual connection.

If you crave deep healing this may be just the thing.

So join me on this challenge to see if you are ready.