Yantra Readings

These individual readings based on your birth information give you insight and understanding of how the energies of the planets are influencing the different areas of your life.

From a reading, you learn about your dharma, health, relationships, career, spiritual path, vital body, desire nature.

You receive the Yantra for your spiritual planet and are taught how to use this as a spiritual practice. This also comes with a mantra, both of which you can start to use immediately.

The sessions take up to 2 hours, online. Afterward, you receive a written report.

Here's what people are saying about them.

I had never heard of a yantra reading before receiving one from Kate Bendall but I am so glad that I had the opportunity to get one. It was insightful and relevant to my day to day life as well as the questions I had about my future. I will use the yantra and knowledge I received as part of my practice and my continued learning and growth as a person. Thank you, Kate, for a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend a yantra reading to others. Mariana Collette



I didn't know anything about Yantra, but in a nutshell it is a horoscope from India. Depending on when you are born and where, your "planets" are in different houses - such as your spirituality, career, relationship, physical body, energy body, Dharma (your life's purpose), etc..

In the past, I have done 2 western horoscopes, but I have never felt so "hitting" like this. There are some areas that I am not up to the horoscope yet, but it is good to know the "gap" between me and the potential.

Kate will also give you your "special" geometric pattern which will enforce your life, and a mantra too.

The other thing I felt was that after the reading session, I felt all my chakra energies are aligned beautifully. That was really cool.

So, I highly recommend it, it was fun. Thank you so much, Kate!  Izumi Uchida

The reading from Kate was spot on, much more precise and relatable than the western astrology charts I have had done in the past.  I particularly enjoyed the focus being on my vital energy, my essence, a soulful representation rather than the personality.  Kate has a gift for sharing this information in an empowering and healing way.  I was quick to ask her to also interpret my partner's chart, it was just as accurate and illuminating.  I have had my Yantras printed, laminated, and hung on my wall in my bedroom and also a set for my clinic.  I am surprised at the joy and lightness I feel each and every time I lay my eyes on them, powerful but gentle in their action.  Many thanks to you Kate. Kimberly Marsh

Kate's Yantra reading was a mind-opening experience. The reading reflected back with greater clarity than I had seen before, many aspects of myself, and what works and does not work for me. There were some surprises in there and also some areas that reconfirmed what I know. Kate was clear-sighted in her response and it was a great experience. It will help me to be more of who I  really am. I  recommend this! Clare

My session with Kate was informative, re-confirming some facts I already had figured out and good fun. I appreciated her light and pleasant way to connect, giving me space to feel supported and interested in my own development. Goeknil  Biner

Discover Which Yantra is Yours

You must be able to provide your birthplace, date, and time ( to within 4 hrs). If one of these in incomplete we cannot do a reading