Home Practice Essentials.

A Five Day Online Class in Hatha Yoga

June 16th-20th




 Establish Your Home Practice



In this 5 day intensive with Kate Bendall you will be guided through the 5 key elements to developing an effective home yoga practice.

Having the live class with Kate falls in line with the long-standing Yoga tradition of direct transmission of the teachings. Kate will meet you and become your teacher during the course. It also allows for asking questions as they arise.

Specifically, we will explore

  • The art of connecting with your breath.

  • Techniques to quieten the mind

  • The intimate link between your breath, body and mind and how to tap into its power

  • The purpose of particular postures.

  • Reasons why you might want to change your practice and How to do that.

  • How to work intelligently in your practice.

  • Obstacles and how to overcome them.

  • Different ways to integrate Yoga into your daily life.

  • How to pull it all together and own it as YOUR yoga.

Content and structure

5 x Daily One hour  live classes 

An individual session with Kate to design your personalized practice and discuss your needs.

Membership to a private FB group with daily live meditations.

Comprehensive handouts.

Access to Kates support during the Five day intensive

Are you expected to study each day during the training?

You will be expected to start putting into practice what we learn during the class rather than formal study.

Most people will choose to either re-listen to the recording or look at the notes that I send with each class.

The cost of the course is

 $180  ( payment plans are available)

Registration Requirements

Being in reasonable health ( no recent major surgery.)

Personal acceptance onto the course by Kate Bendall

Access to a laptop, or device to participate in zoom calls​


Daily Live calls 7 pm via zoom.

The one-hour private session taken either before the course starts or during it.

note; the classes are 1 hour long but allow 1;15 in case we need to run over.

The classes will be posted and recorded for a period after the course.

An ongoing student-teacher relationship may be offered to some students if it feels appropriate.

Kate has been working in the field of Yoga and mental health for over 30 years. She has introduced hundreds of students into the practice of authentic Hatha yoga. She runs workshops on some of the lesser-known aspects of yoga, such as mantra and nyasa.  She holds local retreats and classes. Kate also works privately with students and continues her studies with the Krishnamacharya Lineage.


" Coming to Kates class is an oasis my crazy life" Anna. E

" I love the way Kate allows us to find our own way" Kathryn. H

" I cried the first time I did Kates class, it was like finally coming home'.

" At last, a teacher that could explain to me why we were doing things and what the purpose of yoga is about. Once I understood why, my practice deepened immensely". Lucy B.