If you are unhappy about the role alcohol plays in your life this 6-week course will provide a safe space for you to explore this. You will learn how Yoga sees habits/patterns and learn various ways to go about changing habits. 


Yoga helped me overcome a major addiction to alcohol.

That did not happen overnight. It took years, and I wish there had been Yoga based support back then. I benefited from AA to some degree, but I really found sustainable freedom from drinking via Yoga. That is why I am offering this group. This group is to offer support, tools, education, and freedom. Freedom to make your own choices, to explore, to experiment. I am not offering a "path" or prescribed way.

It doesn't matter what you drink, how often you drink, when your last drink was, what your view on religion is, what your job or IQ is, how old, or rich or poor you are

If you are a woman who wants to take back the power of choice over drinking this is for you.

Yoga teaches us to turn inward and begin to understand; ourselves; our patterns; our suffering so we can eventually make choices that don't create more suffering.

By coming to this group you are merely saying; "  For me, right now there is something about the way I drink that doesn't feel ok.". Or, " I have decided to be alcohol-free and want to strengthen that decision with Yoga practices and the support of being heard by other women who get it."

That's it. No labels, no prescribed outcomes.


Overcoming the fear, shame, and loneliness of having alcohol issues is a major hurdle to receiving help. I get it.

You are Unique, So will Your solution be.

Rest assured that we are all nervous, apprehensive, and unsure when it comes to " outing " ourselves as having a struggle with alcohol.

This group will be a closed group and we will establish safety around anonymity, Dunedin is kind of small.

You won't be preached at, or judged, or made to fit into a box.

You will be treated with understanding and compassion borne of shared experience.

My story is not your story. Mt solution is not your solution. However, we have similarities.

We can help each other because with acceptance comes the potential for change. For transformation.

The group is based on the premise that everyone is doing the very best they can right now, with their current tools and awareness.

New tools, new support, and a change in awareness can be enough to shift a pattern/habit/ addiction.

We will meet for 6 Thursday evenings. 6..30-8 pm

We will be at The Community House in a room with chairs and a kitchen facility.

This is not Yoga for bendy people in gym gear. It is for ordinary people looking for a solution to a problem

There will be talking, listening, breathing, some yoga. questions, homework, possibly tears, and hopefully smiles.

We start on May 13th.

Course fee $120

Scholarship available if payment is an obstacle.

If you have any questions or just need human contact before deciding to enroll use this booking link to book a 10 min chat with me.