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Classical Yoga is practiced for health and wellbeing as well as a spiritual path. It is the original Yoga, the roots of modern Yoga, and is firmly established in tradition. It is the deepest Yoga I know, that's why it's all I teach these days.

If you are looking for Yoga that can help you


Connect with your deeper self in a way that leads you towards clarity and self-awareness.

Find ways to let go of stress, noise and business so you can return home to your still center.

Master and understand your own patterns and habits so you relase unhelpful ones and move towards better health.


 Classes with me.











All the studio classes are similar, the main distinction between them is the amount of time spent in asana ( movement) compared to inner practices that come after which are done in stillness, either sitting or lying down. This difference is represented as a percentage, asana/stillness under each class. 

All classes have some asana, some breathwork, some chanting, some connection to philosophy, some meditation or visualization, it is just the amount that varies.


9.30 -10.30 am 

The right class to explore the asana a bit more: combine it with chanting and always followed with either pranayama or meditation. There's an optional 20 mins of Vedic chanting starting at 9.00am.


7.20 -8.20 pm

There is enough movement to prepare the body for a long breath session followed by meditation. The movement serves the breath and helps settle the mind.


9.30-10.30 am

A special time to devote to self-care, personal growth, and inner connection. The first 30 mins bring you back into your body so you can go deep for the last 30 mins.


Yoga at Home

Classes run as 10-week terms.

Each term will have a theme, focus which we all work towards progressively together.

2021 We start with the very first Yoga Sutra 

atha yoga anushasanam  Y. S 1.

If you miss a class within the term you are welcome to make it up by attending another class.


  Feb 8th - April 25th ( no classes 22nd-28th due to the Retreat on Feb 26-28th)

BONUS   All term bookings receive free registration to the online pranayama weekly class.

Term Pass

Come to one class per week for 10 weeks ( can vary which class).


Twice a week

Come to two classes per week for 10 weeks


Casual/drop in

A single class. For the first trial, visiting from out of town, bringing a friend




 Pranayama Class

Thursdays 7- 7.30 pm

Heading 3

Frequently Asked Questions.

I am new to Yoga, will this suit me?

It is possible to join the term classes yes. I would recommend you do a beginners course first, or at the same time. It will certainly help you get the most out of your Yoga. Here's the link to the beginner's course.

Breathe with a conscious community from your own home.

Breathwork is a powerful tool to support resiliency, clarity, and peace.  


 You can enter states of expanded consciousness, realign yourself with your highest good and release habitual and situational tension.

It is considerd to be the highest practice in Yoga for cleansing all dimensions of the human system.

If 2020 woke you up to taking better care of yourself then this is a simple way to do that.

Only 30 mins

Only $100 per term ( 10 weeks).

From the comfort of your home.

Classes are run by the term so we can develop the practices systematically.



I am looking for Yoga to help with stress, will this help?

Yes all the classes will help. The emphasis in them is using the movements to serve the breath which then influences the mind in a positive way. An aspect of these teachings is self-enquiry, so you will begin to notice your own responses and learn how to moderate them, over time.

I don't want to commit to a term without trying it first. How does that work?

Every so often I do a taster class. If that's not suitable just come as a casual/visitor to the first class. If you wish to continue we sign up to pay the balance of the remaining term.

Do I have to choose one class in particular for my term pass?

No, you don't. If you prefer or already have your one class a week you come to that works. But equally, if you want to rotate between the three classes depending on your schedule or what you are feeling like each week that work too. There's no need to book, just arrive.

What if I want to come 3x a week ?

Contact me and we will sort out a sutable arrangement.

What if I am sick and miss a class?

You are welcome to make up missed classes during the term by coming to other classes.

If it is something major, for you or you family we will sort out a mutually agreeable solution.

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What if I work shifts and cant come every week?

Hopefully, it will be possible to make up classes on a term pass.. If not it maybe better to pay the casual rate.

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January Timetable 

Classes are running differently in January.

Check them out here.