Classes and Courses

Deep Traditional Class

 In this class we will adopt the traditional system of yoga which values asana as step toward the  goal of pranayama. We will do 20 mins of fairly simple asana followed by 20 mins of pranayama ( conscious breathing) which is done seated.

This class will be useful for people seeking some of the long term benefits of adopting stillness and silence as a platform for deep inner work.

If you are drawn to ancient ways and traditional wisdom this class may suit you best.

Pranayama has a profoundly healing effect on all the layers of the human system.

It can be a great place to start your yoga journey 


Classical Yoga

This weekly class in Dunedin is taught in the traditional way which honors the spiritual dimension of yoga. Each class uses mantra, chanting, pranayama, and meditation as much as physical postures. The aim of Yoga is to still the mind in the pursuit of self-realization, this is available to all, despite age, health, flexibility, or fitness.

Fridays 9.30 -10.30  Studio Tula  286 Princess St  $15

Sacred Sundays 

This is a class for anyone wanting to take time to replenish and connect with the deeper aspects of their being. We use breath to guide the body and mind towards a state of ease and calm. There is usually a chant that accompanies the practice so the opportunity for healing and personal transformation is supported by ancient wisdom. 

There is definitely a sense of authenticity and compassion in the class as everyone is respectfully engaged in their own deep work.

The emphasis is creating a practice that allows internalization so there's no fancy asana but plenty of challenge in the breath ratios and chanting.

SUNDAY 9.30-10.30   Studio Tula 286 Princess St  $15

Pranayama ( online).

What happens when we ignore our inner need for connection?

We become exhausted, empty, brittle, and ultimately lose our joy of life.

This class is short, sweet, and deep so you CAN give yourself what you really need.

I have removed the obstacles of time, money, and convenience to make this as easy as possible for you to commit to your inner life. 

30 mins is all it takes; 540 nourishing breaths to calm your mind, soothe your nerves and light up your heart

Mondays  7.30 pm-8.00 pm    $10.00

If it is your first class it can be hard to just turn up " cold" so I encourage you to get in touch with me first so I can look out for you and help you to feel comfortable. Either on 0226908077 or .