About Classes

These classes  are open to everyone . You will be warmly welcomed and every endeavour will be made to ensure you feel safe and secure.

This year the theme is chakras. We will be studying the subtle energy system and learning about how it shows up in our current life.

We will do practices, chants and meditations based around balancing and harmonising the chakaras.

You may join at any time; Just let me know to expect you,

These classes are not based on levels because in Viniyoga it is the function not the form that is important.

Modifications and different degrees of complexity will be offered.

Friday Classes

​Think church for the non-churchy .

These run in 10 week cycles with the same class repeated for 10 weeks.

This intentional repetition initiates a pattern within the body/mind which can be deeply healing.

These classes will focus on creating an experience of serenity, peace and calm.

It will be a time to nurture and explore your inner world.

The class will be focused around a vedic chant and will also cover chakaras.

Sacred Sundays

An eight week entry level course aimed at addressing the phenomenon of stress.

There will quite a theoretical component to the course so you will understand

  • How stress works

  • How to "self medicate"

  • How to overcome obstacles to balanced living

  • How to take your practice home.

  • How to integrate yoga into your life.

  • Yogas understanding of stress.

  • How to be efficient and effective with your techniques

  • How to quieten your mind.



Taking registrations ; will confirm start date.