Our Yoga

Temple Yoga is the home of Viniyoga.Yoga that starts from the inside out.

Viniyoga came before branding and styles.It is the yoga that has been practised by millions of people for thousands of years as a path of transformation.


Here you will find practices that work with you, as you are right now.

The goal of Viniyoga is clarity and freedom...not clever postures.The postures are only one aspect of Yoga.The postures are done to understand something deeper, ultimately ourselves.​


If either age or  life experience has taught you that pushing the body is harmful and does not bring good health or happiness Viniyoga maybe the right Yoga for you.Or if you are a serious student of Yoga and still have  not found what you are seeking Viniyoga may be the next step on your journey. Also for those who already have insight or experiences of the inner world Viniyoga can deepen their journey.


We are privileged to have our classes in the beautiful Hare Krishna Temple , 22 London St