If you are looking for yoga that is taught in the traditional way, teacher to student, you are in the right place.  If you have a personal transformation in mind, welcome.  If you yearn for authentic teachings, you've found them. Namaste, Kate.


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A little about this yoga .


Unlock your potential with Pranayama

A two hour class initiating you into the art of yoga breathing

        Sunday May 10th  $45   1pm-3pm

 Do you want to deepen your Yoga practice?

Are you already practicing Reiki or healing of some form and want to go further?

Are you curious about the connection between mind/ body and spirit?

This class is for anyone who is curious about how to work intimately with their own breath to facilitate their own healing.

If you have been on any path for a while the point comes when the interest in the inner practices becomes strong, this is the perfect time to turn your gaze to Pranayama.

Pranayama is the unique gift of the Yoga tradition. Through the conscious regulation of breath it is possible to positively and directly affect your own mind.


 Among all natural self-healing techniques, breathwork is unique because breathing is the only conscious means of improving, maintaining, and repairing the other unconsciously run systems of the body. Heart rate, blood pressure, circulation, digestion, hormone secretion, and even our mental and emotional states all can be controlled, regulated, and healed through proper breathing practices.


Ancient yogis knew this, and modern research and science agree.  Once the body is healthy, nourished, and calm through proper breathwork, the body can soar to its full potential.

In this 2 hr class, you will learn

  • How to regulate your breath to bring your body into rest/relax mode.

  • You will learn how to detoxify your system with breath.

  • What yoga asana is recommended prior to pranayama.

  • The traditional meanings of the different aspects of the breath.

  • A pranayama to bring balance and clarity.

There will be an audio takeaway to continue the practice.

If you are looking to profoundly affect your own health and spiritual development pranayama is perfect.


The class is equally suited to people who practice yoga and those who don't. 

It is NOT suitable if you have high or low blood pressure; are pregnant; have had a stroke or recent surgery 



The next Retreat will be in October. Once everything is back to normal I will post more details because it is popular and places fill up quickly.


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