Initially what led me to Yoga was suffering. There was a time when my life was completely dominated by addiction.

Fortunately, I turned to Yoga for help after none of the conventional methods offered me any answers or relief.

Little did I know that I had found the path that would hold me steady for the rest of my life.

It is Yoga that I read about, practice, teach, study, and chant, in ever-expanding growth and connection. I have devoted my life to learning and teaching Yoga.

Often the initial reasons for doing Yoga are to bring relief of some kind, whether it's physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. Alongside relief there often comes a far greater gift; we get an experience of our own true nature and want more.  Yoga is a path to self-realization and freedom.

After 30 years of practice and over 20 years of teaching, I see the same thing over and over again. The strong urge from within that just knows there is a way of being that is peaceful, happy, and wise. The search for meaning is potent and real.

Yoga gave me roots and wings.


What I bring as a senior teacher is my knowledge and wisdom about how yoga can and will heal and transform any sincere seeker, given the right practice.

What brings you to Yoga is your starting point, and it is your perfect beginning.  It may be emotional pain, mental suffering, spiritual seeking. Whatever it is, the right Yoga can help.

What I know about yoga is that it's a slow burn. Yes, it brings immediate relief and results but the true gems take time to appear. Each time we reach a new level of freedom and happiness there is always one more door to pass through. 

After two decades of searching for Yoga that would satisfy all my questions and make sense of all my experiences, I found it in Traditional Classical Yoga. Here I get to sit close by to the origins of Yoga, in its original and potent form. I don't stray far from there these days, anything else is a deviation from the source. What has worked for 2000 years is still working. I guess you could say that I'm a Purist. Radically traditional is one way of looking at it.

I feel safe in Kate's class. I trust her and that helps me trust myself.        Sarah F


Taught the traditional way.

Warm and friendly. Personal and safe.

3  local classes every week.

Yoga implies self care.

Regular affordable retreats offered in Otago. Each retreat has a slightly different focus; 

silence, detox, recharge.

Vedic Astrology

Gain insight into how the 

archetypes are influencing your life. Where does your Dharma reveal itself ?

Photo by Ella  www.benddunedin.com

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